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Battle at Cedar Bridge
It is considered the last skirmish of the Revolutionary War.  It is definitely the last battle of the `civil' war that raged in New Jersey during the Revolution.  
After official hostilities waned, the frontier in the pinelands continued to serve as a safe haven for Loyalist `refugees'.  The most notorious Loyalist, Capt. John Bacon and his band had a hide out in the pines near Manahawkin but by December 1782 the militia was close at hand.
(Photo from Tides of Time, 
compiled by the Ocean County Principals' Council)
Cedar Bridge Tavern
On Christmas Day, Capt. Richard Shreve with a force of several horsemen left Burlington with the intentions of finding John Bacon.  Two days later, without success, they turned back to Burlington, stopping for refreshments at Cedar Bridge Tavern.  They had found Capt. Bacon.

As Capt. John Bacon and his men arrived at the tavern they saw the militia, barricaded Cedar Bridge and began their defense.  At the onset, one of Capt. Shreve's men was killed in the heavy musket fire.  Shreve's uncle, managed to cross the bridge and escape into the woods.  Meanwhile Capt. Shreve gathered his infantry and began a full scale attack.  Just as they were about to overcome Bacon and his bandits, local residents of Cedar Bridge unexpectedly came to Bacon's assistance.  In confusion, Capt. Shreve's men had to stop their attack and Bacon escaped.  The locals surrendered to the militia and several were taken back to Burlington for trial.  John Bacon escaped but not for long.

Some time after the battle, Bacon was found by a posse of six men in the public house or tavern of William Rose which was probably located in Parkertown.  (There was a bounty of 50 sterling for John Bacon.)  Capt. Stewart came for Bacon with a musket and Bacon raised his at Stewart's chest.  A scuffle ensued and Bacon surrendered to the men but when the dust cleared he had a bullet and a bayonet wound.  Capt. John Bacon, Loyalist privateer and pineland bandit had met his end.   

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Patriot Pirates